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Welcome to the class blog for NYU’s Entrepreneurial New York beat journalism class. We dig into the latest trends, people and issues in the city’s ever-changing start up life, from tech innovators to struggling “mom and pop” shops.  Join us as we uncover the sweet, spicy, robotic, fake, political, psychedelic and more.


Daniela Cobos


Daniela is a junior at New York University double majoring in Journalism and Politics with a minor in Spanish. A bilingual reporter who hopes to one day expose corruption and injustice, she is interested in covering immigration, feminism and human rights violations. As a U.S. Army brat, Daniela lived in Belgium, Hawaii and Texas, to name a few places.

Her work has appeared in The Knockturnal and the Gotham Gazette. She is currently a breaking news intern at the International Business Times under Newsweek Media. Proficient in fact-checking, she works well in Adobe Premiere and transcribes interviews for class assignments and personal projects. Daniela also works as an Spanish to English/English to Spanish interpreter for the NYU Law Immigration Rights Clinic.

When she isn’t at studying at NYU’s library, she enjoys going to the movies alone, trying new restaurantsshe isn’t pickyand getting lost in independent bookstores.

W: www.danielacobos.com |  L: /in/daniela-cobos | T: @dcobos225

Natasha Colvin


Natasha Colvin is a senior at New York University completing a double major in journalism and sociology. Before transferring to NYU, Natasha studied at the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism and Mass Communications from 2014 to 2016. She grew up in Bronxville, New York, outside of Manhattan.

With a great interest in fashion, Natasha currently works for stylists Patti Wilson and Elizabeth Sulcer alongside her studies and intends to pursue a fashion styling career after graduation. She also has previous work experience in the editorial departments of Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan UK and Refinery29.

A recognized social media influencer, Natasha has over 20,000 Instagram followers, growing her account as a side hobby based on her personal style and interests in fashion and styling.

E: colvinnatasha@gmail.com | I: @natasha.colvin | L: /in/natashacolvin/ 

Yeho Hwang

yehohwang copy

Yeho Hwang (a.k.a. Lucy) is a journalism and political science double-major at New York University. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Yeho has lived in three countries and two continents in total, and can speak Mandarin, Korean, and English. She has grown a fondness for the tech world due to their fast-paced environment and fail-forward mentality. As a reporter, she focuses on entrepreneurship, technology, and politics. Yeho has worked at Inc. and amNewYork, and has written for student-run publications such as Washington Square News, Journal of Politics and International Affairs, and Baedeker.

Other than writing, Yeho has experience working in search marketing with a focus on search engine optimization, and public relations experience working with startups. As a tech lover, Yeho has been training on the side with wireframing and prototyping tools, as well as coding with HTML and CSS. You can often find her in an NYC café enjoying a cup of black Americano.

W: https://yehohwang.com  |  T: @lucyeho  |  L: /in/yehohwang/

ZiQi Lin


ZiQi Lin is a Junior at New York University double majoring in Journalism and Economics. She grew up in the sunny island nation of Singapore and received a bilingual education in English and Chinese. As a journalist, her beat is art, fashion, entrepreneurship and women empowerment. Her passion lies in the arts but she also values the intellectual challenge posed by a rigorous social science education. A management scholar with the National Arts Council of Singapore, she will work in government administration after she graduates. Ultimately, she hopes to make a difference in Singapore’s artistic landscape through creative projects and strategic policy-making.
W: zikkilin.com | I: @zikkilin | L:/in/ziqi-lin/


Vedika Kumar



Vedika Kumar is a junior at NYU double-majoring in Journalism and English, with a minor in Psychology. She has been published in the Gotham Gazette, covered college news and contributed commentaries to  NYU’s college blog, as well as creating lifestyle content for NYU’s wellness initiative, Live Well NYU. She is passionate about writing and storytelling and wants to pursue a career in strategic media communications and public affairs.

An international student born and raised in India who has traveled to more than 30 countries Vedika has worked with news organizations on her native continent and intered editorial at Harper’s Bazaar. In the U.S, she has interned with ICR, a PR and marketing firm. As a volunteer, she serves on the board of a dog rescue non-profit organization in India and in her spare time destresses through dance and photographing colorful NYC street life.

W: www.vedikakumar.com  |  E: vk983(at)nyu(dot)edu  |  L: /in/vedikakumar